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Is your brand holding back your business?

Hi I'm Laura, and I'm an independent digital story strategist focused on helping established businesses grow into modern brands.


 My services sit at the intersection of branding and technology and help clients to:


1. Build stickier brands.

Sticky brands aren’t accidental.  They are built on a deliberate and distinctive narrative that gets reinforced across every touchpoint and experience.

I help clients build cohesive messaging frameworks to guide their communications, marketing and customer interactions.  Because knowing and being who you are, is your greatest competitive advantage.


2. Create content that moves people.

Content is the language by which modern brands engage.  Effective content strategy is built around the needs and behaviors of your customer as they move through each stage of the buyer's journey.  

I help businesses determine what they are most uniquely qualified to talk about, match those truths to audience personas, and create a strategic plan to bring it all to life.


3. Get strategic about social.

When done right, social media enables you to engage with your customers with unparalleled precision.   But effective social media is only as good as the strategy that informs it. 

I help clients develop and manage sustainable social media strategies that advance both their brand story and their business goals.  


4. Optimize digital experiences.

Modern brands are built on digitally literate organizations. 

I help clients transform their sales and marketing channels through a variety of marketing technology tools. I’ll work with you to build a MarTech framework that optimizes your existing digital platforms, identifies opportunities to better serve your customers and helps you make more informed business decisions.


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