Tuaca Liqueur


Client: Brown-Forman

Agency: WCG

Challenge: Drive participation in the Tuaca “Napkin Art” contest, a national promotion to increase product awareness & trial among key millennial segments. 

Solution: We identified and engaged 25 influencers in the doodling, tattoo and nightlife communities to create original content and evangelize the promotion via their web and social networks.  We invested in getting to know what made each of our influencer segments “tick” and developed an engagement plan built on those insights.  To get them started, we supplied each influencer with a curated “inspiration kit”, that included all of the tools they would need (and more) to create their own work of napkin art.  Influencers shared their own creations and posted details for how their followers could enter the contest for a chance at $5,000.  The program was amplified with a multichannel media strategy that included sponsored posts, paid social media and a series of co-branding partnerships. 

Your kit did nothing short of inspire me. Within five minutes of it’s delivery, I was sipping Tuaca and doodling away!
— Tuaca Influencer

Results: 1+ million impressions, 62 unique content placements & nearly 1,000 original pieces of fan generated, brand art.

“Laura was a pleasure to work with during our Tuaca Napkin Art campaign. Her leadership led to the program far exceeding our expectations.”
— Svend Jansen, Global PR Manager, Brown-Forman