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Establishing a solid brand as your foundation is paramount to the effectiveness of your individual and collective marketing programs. If you’re struggling with content or other communications efforts, it might be because you’re trying to build a house without a blueprint.

I help clients to define and clarify a distinct brand narrative to guide and unify their marketing and communications efforts. Brand blueprint includes

Defining the core values and distinct features that that make up your brand.


Good for: Start-ups who want to establish a strong brand at inception and established businesses who need to refresh or clarify their brand story.


A complete messaging blueprint to guide and connect all of your brand communications.  Typically includes:

  • Mission statement

  • Vision statement

  • Brand promise

  • Key audience segments

  • Key messages

  • Proof points

  • Tone and personality

  • Content themes & keywords


Good for: Any business who wants to ensure that their marketing and communications are effectively and cohesively deployed.


A strategic framework for how your brand or product is communicated across channels.  Typically includes:

  • Key buyer personas (WHO)

  • Strategic communications objectives (WHY)

  • Key messaging priorities (WHAT)

  • Channel map (WHERE)

  • Tactical plan (HOW)


Good for: Established businesses launching a new product or initiative, start-ups looking to generate mind and market share.

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My focus is on developing content strategies for websites, social media and digital campaigns. My process begins with an audit of your brand, your customers and your competition to identify the best content themes, formats and channels to meet your business objectives. Once a strategic framework is established, I work with your internal team or my creative resources produce your content assets.



Discovery: An analysis of your existing content, business objectives, target audiences, industry keywords and the competitive landscape to guide a strategic framework for your content marketing.

Buyer Personas: A deeper analysis of your audience segments across key stages in the buyers journey with the goal of uncovering content opportunities that provide real and relevant value.

Content Blueprint: Informed by buyer personas and anchored by a content mission statement, a set of guidelines, topics, channels and tactics to guide your content creation and amplify it’s reach.


Planning: Process for how content will be conceptualized, developed and distributed.





Good for: Businesses in need of a comprehensive, multi-channel content strategy that drives measurable results.

Good for: Businesses who already have a completed strategy and need guidance or support producing content assets.


Good for: Businesses who already have a completed content strategy and need ongoing support managing and executing on that plan.

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dizzying array of new channels, features and tools, to the increasingly competitive fight for user attention, success in today’s social media context requires thoughtful and deliberate strategy, anchored by process and consistency. My focus is on developing thoughtful social media strategies informed by your brand and business objectives, that your team can implement. Once the plan is delivered and processes and tools, are established, I often continue advising clients through the implementation by providing as-needed feedback and recommendations. This efficiency-minded approach helps to ensure clients are operating from a sound strategic foundation while learning best practices for managing and growing their own communities for the long-term.


Discovery & Analysis: Audit and synthesize existing social media channels, social brand chatter, the competitive landscape, audience segments and your brand + business objectives. 

Audience Personas: Who are we targeting and how will we reach them

Channels: Goals, Tactics & Best Practices

Content Blueprint: Key messages, keywords, content themes & types

Key Performance Indicators: How we will measure success



Editorial Process: How social media content will be planned, sourced, produced and posted

Social Media Standards: Creative standards to guide the creation of content and messaging

Community Management Guidelines & Procedures: Protocols for engaging directly with fans

Good for: Businesses ready to get serious about their social media who need a comprehensive strategy to guide those efforts.


Monthly Editorial Planning: A monthly content calendar for designated social channels. Includes corresponding copy, hashtags, and post times.

Content: Coordination and development of visual content assets through your team or mine.

Campaigns: Special promotions, contests and influencer partnerships

Paid Media: Ongoing social media ad management for Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Reporting: Monthly reporting on community growth, ad campaigns and organic content performance


Good for: Businesses who have a completed social media strategy and need ongoing guidance and support through it's implementation.

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Building a sustainable digital marketing practice can be daunting in today’s rapidly changing environment. I help clients evolve their digital sales and marketing channels to make smarter business decisions and better serve customer needs. I analyze the totality of your business and identify gaps where technology and data can be leveraged to improve your business and your brand.


An analysis of your current digital channels, tools and campaigns with recommendations for how to optimize.

Good for: Businesses who want to see a better return on their digital efforts or are considering a new website or other digital initiative.


I develop and guide you through a customized roadmap for building or refreshing your website, in partnership with your internal team or an outside agency.


Good for: Businesses who need strategic guidance on planning, resourcing and building a modern, fully-optimized web presence.